Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Run free Pippa Eden

Dear Paul & Sarah

It is with great sadness that I write to let you know that we had to let Pippa go to sleep for the last time last night.

For the last 2 years she has had problems with stiffness etc and her hips had started to fuse together. 

About 2 months ago she was seriously ill with trouble with her pancreas and liver.  We thought we would lose her then but our fantastic vet Christina kept her for 3 days and managed to pull her through.  Pippa had to take medication to support her liver for a few weeks but seemed to recover well.

On Monday she went off her food, we thought she had probably picked up something at the farm.  It seemed with her once a scavenger always a scavenger no matter how much food you gave her.  Then on Tuesday she started to lose her balance so off we went to the vet.  She was checked all over and it was thought she had probably had a slight stroke.  Christina said we would try her on medication as when this happens with an older dog,  they very often settle down albeit with less mobility. (All the tests she has had showed that she was probably about 10 – 12).

Yesterday Pippa did not want to get up, she refused all food and would not drink, she came outside and  laid on the patio watching me in the garden.  Each time I looked at her she would wag her tail, but no amount of coaxing from me would she take food or water.  It was if she was telling me she had had enough.
We took her to see Christina for the last time at 5.30pm, she said that she could have kept her and rehydrated her then try steroids, but this would have flared her pancreas up again.  So all of us including Pippa decided enough was enough, (Usually when we are in the vets no matter how ill she has been she always scrambled for the door). This time she just laid on the floor having a fuss with Christina.

Pippa laid on my lap and went to sleep for the last time.

Although we only had her for 3 years the pleasure that Pippa has given to us is beyond measure, thank you for letting us adopt her.

Thank you.

Brenda and Dennis Eden