Friday, 16 November 2012

Run free dear Herbert Sherbert


Sorry I haven't been in touch with you in the good times but unfortunately we had to let Herbie go yesterday.  As you know he had problems with his back legs and recently he started to lose balance as he turned round, he never complained when fell over but he started to have problems even walking up the steps into the house.  For the last couple of days even if he turned his head the back left leg would give way.

Herbie had a fantastic life and he brought a lot of happiness to Dennis and me, it is sad that he couldn't have lasted longer ...  Thank you for letting us look after and love him for the past 9 years, the house seems very empty and quiet. I have enclosed some photos of him taken throughout the years.


Jean Croydon

Run free Stinky Pete

Hi Sarah & Paul,
I am very sorry to tell you of the death of "Stinky Pete"", Jack Russell, on the Isle of Wight this morning. He was about 13 we think.We had adopted him from you in about August 2007. He had come from LAW to you.
He was a wonderful dog and we loved him so much. He was ill only the past week and on the second visit to the vet they found a massive tumour in his bladder for which nothing could be done. We put him peacefully  to sleep. We are shattered. Although this is not the first time we have lost a beloved companion, it never gets easier and we know it won't be the  last time. We still have Lucy JRT but she is 16 and very frail, too old to introduce any new dog  More pain to come but obviously we all think it is worth it for the love and companionship. If you could mention him in Rainbow Bridge we would appreciate it.
Best wishes to you all.
John & Jane Schmeltzer